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Plant automation

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Polyurethane jointing carousel
with transport system

  • Fully automatic pipe retractor assembly
  • Retracts ceramic vitrified clay pipe from the pipe carousel
  • Tact programmed inline with the carousel
  • Delivers the pipe in tact to a pipe conveyor
  • Pipe conveyor transports the pipe to the pipe packing area

Ceramic clay pipe
dipping system

A automatic dipping system that picks up a whole set of pipes and:

– dips only the spigot of the setting ring into a paraffin basin
– dips the pipes in a engobe basin included socket mirror


Chimney pipe production with a vertical vacuum extruder for round and square pipes from DN 100 – DN 300 and optional pipe lengths.

An extruded pipe column is removed from the extruder using a robot. A turntable – the actual core of the system – positions the pipes in 3 processing stations namely:

  1. Separate of the pipe column
  2. Cutting the notch and groove
  3. Stack the finished chimney pipe lengths

The robot places a setting ring (the cut off remainder of the pressed pipe string) under the stacked pipe column. The pipes can even be stacked in a pipe column in different lengths.

In the notch and groove cutting station, the pipe is positioned centrally and the cut contour with external and internal rollers plastered burr-free.

For example, 2 pipes NL33 cm and 1 pipe NL 66 cm can be mixed, but also optionally the pipe lengths NL 4×33, 3×50 or 2x 66 cm can be manufactured.

The stacked pipe column with the setting ring below and variable tube lengths is attached to the vacuum suction pad recorded gently and placed on the TOW or TRW.

Robotic chimney pipe assembly
(Multi functional working station)

This fully programmed Multi functional robotic chimney pipe lifting station has reduced manpower costs, increased productivity rates and safety to greatly. This assembly retracts the soft clay pipe at the extruder column, separates it, marks/ labels, tongue and grooves, cleans and stacks the soft clay pipe sections via exact vacuum dosage (without any imprint or damage). Onto waiting transport cars/ pallets for oven processing.