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Hydraulic spreader bars,
specially designed for deploying
concrete coating pipes.

The ELiTE HYD-SB-14 hydraulic spreader bar
(Hydraulic Spreader Bar with a SWL of 14000kg)

Adaptable for excavators, cranes, outriggers and much more…

A new state-of-the-art hydraulic spreader bar concept for large sized excavator applications. The characteristics of some concrete coating do not allow for a safe pipe lift when utilising vacuum pipe lifters regardless of vacuum sealing types available.


This unit is engineered to harmonise as lifting attachment with suitably sized excavators. This particular “below the hook” material handling tool is hydraulically driven, electrical units are also available for crane, Out-riggers and numerous other carriers.

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Many traditional hydraulic spreader bars are manufactured to suit one or two particular pipe lengths only. The ELiTE HYD-SB-14 is engineered for flexibility when confronted with handling numerous pipe lengths.

Integrated telescope arms (four) “2 x active and 2 x stationary” allow the ELiTE HYD-SB-14 to lift pipes from 9000mm up to 14000mm. The inner “active” telescope arms (actual pipe grab) are driven by 2 hydraulic cylinders each of which have an individual brake force (load hold) of 6000kg. The brake force of 6000kg is required to eliminate the possibility of a pipe pushing the hydraulic cylinders/ pipe pins open during an uneven pipe lift (i.e. uneven ground level) or swinging of the pipe during a lifting manoeuvre.

The outer “stationary” telescope arms are
pre set to lift a particular range of pipe lengths
before the lifting application is started.

If a pipe of lets say, 10000mm is to be lifted, a pre setting or positioning of 9 – 10 will be carried out. This is possible by lining up both telescopes to coincide with clearly marked templates visible on the outer sides of the stationary telescope arm, Such a pre setting or positioning is carried out in a matter of minutes.
In order that pipe lifts are safe and efficient, both hydraulic cylinders operate simultaneously. A specially designed mechanical governor is incorporated to ensure that this important safer feature works without failure.

Today, the vast majority of newly manufactured excavators are equipped with values that can be adjusted to accommodate various oil pressures and oil flow rates needed when utilising the numerous tools and attachments available on the market. In the event that such values and adjustments are not possible, the ELiTE HYD-SB-14 can accommodate with its own “onboard” hydraulic system. All onboard values are pre set during Schoenbeck FAT QM procedures but can naturally be adjusted easily onsite to fit individual customer preference if required.

When lifting a pipe with clamps or other methods of internal pipe contact, it is naturally of great importance not to damage the pipe structure, pipe bevelled ends or internal pipe lining. The pins (pipe carrying arms) are equipped with purpose manufactured durable rubber padding situated at both lifting ends of the tool. The top layer is designed to make contact with the pipes inner (upper) internal area and carry the pipe without causing damage to pipe inner/ welds or lining. A further rubber protection of the same material has been incorporated and situated at the spear tip ends of the pins (pipe carrying arms). This protection prevents damage to the pipe bevel/ pipe ends in the unlikely event that the operator collides during pipe alignment manoeuvres. Finally, red bronze plate padding has been incorporated at possible pipe contact points.

It is an absolute necessity that all manufactured lifting and handling tools are sufficiently equipped with suitable warning signals which are foreseen to protect all concerned during, before and after a lifting operation. This signal should be clearly visible, not only for operator but also for the surrounding environment. However, the more sophisticated these warning signs get, the more vulnerable the equipment may become in terms of maintenance and servicing. For this reason Schoenbeck kept the pre design concept as it was originally planned with hydraulic power and durable mechanical functionality. The incorporated warning signals on the ELiTE HYD-SB-14 are extremely durable, effective, purely mechanical and very, very visible. The big “Lolly pop” signal is commonly known from railway track signals. In the case of the ELiTE HYD-SB-14, light pressure is applied by the pipe being clamped, this automatically produces a mechanical movement which activates the signals indicating to the operators and surrounding environment that the pipe is correctly seated and can be lifted. This signal is clearly visible at both ends and both sides of the lifter.
In order that the ELiTE HYD-SB-14 can be positioned and handled as required, Schoenbeck has incorporated an 18000kg (SWL) hydraulic power rotator with a newly modified additional twin oscillation Pendle braking assembly. This new addition now accompanies the standard disc assembly making it more effective and durable for this size handling toll. The combination and modification has lead to a further reduction of swinging and rocking during lifting by 50%. Naturally zero stress/ yield transformation at steel parts is not given.

As with all Schoenbeck lifters carrying the brand name “ELiTE”, the HYD-SB-14 can be delivered with a standard dedicated yoke which will fit one particular excavator size only. Optionally the extremely popular “multi yoke” concept from Schoenbeck is also available and accommodates for 99% of all excavator models and sizes manufactured on the world market today.