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We supply you with

  • Technical advice according to your required productivity rates

  • Management support

  • Planning

  • Engineering

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Installation

Additional scope of services

  • Schooling
  • Product support
  • Parts
  • Documentation
  • CE certification
  • Technical consultation and assessments of current installed equipment

OPTIMISING production

A company manufactured ceramic clay pipes for sewage and water transportation. The increasing pressure of competitive global pricing brought to light the need for lower production costs but a higher production capacity output. An alternative method of pipe deployment and transportation was installed. Exact engineering and planning made it possible to utilize stationary robots that were camera guided and fully programmed. The final all-round cost and safety benefits were exceptionally high, reducing manpower, improving safety, minimising maintenance, raising production capacity output and zero pipe breakage coupled with minimum material wastage.

production systems

Ageing production systems and equipment were causing frequent maintenance down time of the overall production procedure, resulting in overall high production costs. Following consultation, final production solutions were recommended and state-of-the-art components and equipment where installed. This resulted in optimized and harmonised production procedures, raising production speeds and product output.