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vacuum pipe lifter

  • Only 450kg!

    SWL of 5000kg, 8000kg, 12000kg and 16000kg

  • Ideal for:

    Excavator (Light and heavy sizes)
    – Front loaders equipped with forks
    – Sidebooms

  • Applications:

    Construction work
    – Stacking
    – Stringing
    – On/ off loading (trucks, rail cars, vessels)
    – Communal work

This unique design was originally aimed at lower sized excavators, carrying our pipeline work in the communal sector. The extreme light Net weight coupled with a mere 76db sound level makes this a great solution for pipe or plate handling in built up urban areas. Due to popularity, this ELiTE version is becoming more and more popular with Side booms and other carriers/ applications.

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The ELiTE LiTE is a two component vacuum pipe lifter
consisting of power pack and main body.

The power pack
(1 cylinder air cooled/2 cylinder water cooled)

The power pack includes the main hardware required, Vacuum pump, diesel engine with fuel tank etc. All components and our highly praised safety features (sirens/ alarms/ pressure gauges are naturally incorporated with radio or hard wire remote controls for suction on and release. Silent and open top units are optionally available as well as 1 cylinder (air cooled) or 2 cylinder (water cooled) setups. Both engine options deliver the above mentioned sound level of only 76db! The power pack is mounted ate the rear, side or other position at the back of the excavator/ sideboom or font loader. The Net weight of this (depending on model) is 360kg.

The main beam/carrier
(Light weight 450kg!)

The main body carries the suction pad and links up to your excavator, sideboom or front loader. Equipped with additional safety features such as solenoid (-45°C to + 55°C), pressure gauge and flash lights this light weight model is ideal and a further option for your pipe/ plate handling operations.