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The ELiTE 12 TE

The ELiTE TE vacuum pipe lifter is electrically powered
by the customers main power supply (240V single phase
or 380V/420V/50 or 60Hz three phase).

This new state-of-the-art electrical model enjoys all the standard additional special features of the globally praised and extremely successful diesel driven option for construction applications. The electrical ELiTE TE model can be supplied as either a SWL of 12000kg or 16000kg (26500lbs/ 35200lbs) units, both can be delivered with a central single or two outer double hook eyes for Tower/ Gantry crane applications. The main power is extracted from the customer’s main power source, this is transported to the ELiTE TE via a spring loaded industrial cable drum mounted on the main body. The power is transported too an electrical motor which in turn drives a vacuum pump. This model is also available with radio remote control (RRC) or hard wired cable remote (CRC), both can be operated from the ground floor or cabin positions.

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In the event of a facility major power failure/ power tripping: The ELiTE 12 TE has sufficient warning power to operate for an additional
8 – 12 hours!

This is allowed via a carefully selected and pre tested accumulator power pack. This power pack is loaded prior or during normal lifting operations, and is activated automatically in the event of mains power failure occurring. Naturally all required warning sirens/ warning flash lights, incorporated safety valves, -40°C solenoid for extreme cold working environments and pre “start of work” safe system checks are included and all standard elements of Schoenbeck vacuum products. All required European standards, ASME B30.20-22 the Australian standards AS 4991,4024 and the AS/ NZS 4268 are comfortably reached or excelled. Standard Schoenbeck “variable suction pads” will fit onto any of our standard and new models, so if you currently have a diesel self- contained version, the suction pads for the electrical version will also be suitable.

On site training program

We supply a standardised 3 – 5 day onsite training programme covering
– Introduction
– Installation
– Safety
– Handling
– Servicing and Maintenance
– Fault finding and rectifying
– Completed with a certificate of competence for all participants

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